After wedding Entertainment

The entertainment you choose for the after wedding party is the most Important element
of your after wedding event.

The entertainment you choose is the key to creating a relaxed yet fun atmosphere for your guests.

Our After wedding entertainment is the perfect choice for after wedding parties
as we can bring out the best in any crowd.
Our show is a mix of a good old sing song and some karaoke
so we provide the opportunity for everyone to take to the stage and entertain.

Other guests have the ability to dance all night and we  provide an opportunity for this also  

Hotel .
The venue is important , There are lots of choices depending on you buget
It is always a good idea to hold you after wedding party at the wedding hotel as most good
hotels have the package good deals
on the wedding and the after party food etc

Your local pub or lounge
After wedding parties  are something that your local ale house is used to. They can cater for most events .
and it wont blow you buget and are only happy for you costume.

Home party
There are a number if thing to think about when holding you after wedding party at home .
{This is where size matters} Is it big enough to hold a party ? will you need a marquee ?
Again  find someone to do the catering for you most families have someone who will only be to delighted to help
You will have to check with your entertainment as lots dj.s . Karaoke and band wont do house parties as there
insurance wont cover them in your home ,
That's not to say the wont but it a good idea to check it out first .

There is a  infinite amount of ideas for your after wedding party it is only limit by your imagination .
Your after wedding party should be laid back easy affair . Delegating job to Bride maide's and Best men
They can handle it


After wedding party are a way of relaxing and enjoying your friends and  family for a few hours.
Not just another thing to have to worry about on the weekend of your wedding . So do make sure make it simply.
Book you venue and entertainment early deal with hotels and bar owner's who know what they are doing .
For entertainment  our advice is book in advance get email confirmation of booking .
                                            PUT YOU FEET UP AND ENJOY YOU AFTER WEDDING PARTY

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